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Best combination evar!!!

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Hiccup right? *he nods, leaning back some* ya i had a son with a girl named Abby. we broke up, and she wouldn’t really let me see him… then some time after she just ran off. left the little guy with me. so now my new girlfriend Bracy, is helping me care for him… why do you have to move? what would happen if you just stayed put for a time?

Merida shrugged her shoulders. She hadn’t ever met the Fall Spirit, but the name did sound about right. The redhead listened as Wilbur spoke, had she really been away that long? Time flew when you were busy she supposed. She gave a small nod, not quiet sure what to say. “Ah’m sorree ta hear tha, Wilbur." She stared at him with a sympathetic look before thinking about his question.

Weel.. Et’s tae cold fer meh in tha Fall n’ winter. Ah’m ah summah spirit after’aw." She gave a small smile.

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*he nods, looking a little down himself* … i’m gonna have to start doing productive things soon… few more years my son is going to get older, and he will have to go to school, and do productive things… i’m going to have to get a real job, and put on a tie everyday, and slowly end my life… *his eyes are wide as if all of this is running around his head, before he shakes himself, and looks at her* but your like a spirit, right? what do you do when summer is over?

Merida wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but it seemed pretty boring.. “Son?" She asked, knowing she had been away for most of the summer to do her job. But this was new information to her. A slender hand lifted to shoo some fallen red curls from her face before letting it drop back to her side. "An’ wai dae yeu need ta end yer life? Tha un’ yeu have nao is pretty excitin’." She tilted her head slightly.

Aye. Ah am. Ah’ll jus’ move around. Sum places dun have anythin’ but hot daes. So.. Ah’ll be there." She nodded. Not liking how much she moved around. Specially now that she was building friendships with so many people. "Ah’ve ta make waee fer tha Fall Spirit. Tho Ah’ve nae met ‘im. Seems ta be ah shy Lad.

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aaaaaand your lucky i don’t have my ray gun *smiles* oh come on you can talk to me. i mean i’m really not as bad as all that.

Blue hues rolled once again. She was sure she could knock the lad on his rear before he had a chance to even pull.. whatever a ray gun was. But she kept silent, a small smile tugging across her face.

Et’s not’hin’. Jus’ ah bad dae. C’n yeu believe tha’ Summah ‘es almost ovah..?

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